Store, Protect and Monetise Your Data.

DataMask is a Web3 Browser Extension to Store, Protect and Earn from your data.
Available on Safari, Firefox and all Chromium-based browsers.

The 1st Web3 Wallet for your Data

DataMask is the gateway to your Data Wallet: all your data are securely encrypted and stored on your device, accessible via p2p protocol (IPDW).


Collect and Access all your Personal, Business and Financial data in your encrypted wallet


Gain Access to data monetization deals that pay you for your data


Your data will be stored locally on your device and won’t be subject to classic data breaches

Cloud Storage is just somebody else’s Computer

That’s why the safest place for your data is your Data Wallet:

If something is free, you are the product

Join the $1 Trillion Data Industry for the first time and earn with:

Avoid the risk of Data Breach

You will be the only one able to access your data, so no risk of:

DataMask Diamond

Unlock the Diamond (Hands) version for Just 1$.
You will no longer be able to do without it


With the FREE version you CAN’T MONETISE from Datamask.


First month Just 1$. After 9.90$/mo
Earn from Data since day 1

We are building the first Browsing Activities-based income.

Browsing activities are the new gold and they are our property. DataMask lets everybody earn from them.

How do you get started? Easy!

About DataMask

DataMask is the First browsing based Ecosystem.

Built with the primary intent to allow users to earn money from their internet browsing activities.

Many stakeholders would gladly pay you to see your Browsing Activities. But how? 

Instead of spreading your information around the internet, DataMask allows you to store them safely in one place. But that’s not it. 

We created an ever-growing network of businesses willing to pay you for your browsing activities.

IMPORTANT: through DataMask you will own your browsing privacy.

You can decide not to provide more browsing info and even delete existing ones.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, of course... but you can't monetise with this version.

Less than 120$ per year, but listen!!!... You can earn 10X the cost of the software.

Only you can decide, but since over 80% of cybersecurity incidents involve weak or re-used passwords, we believe using a password manager that makes it easy to create and use strong passwords across all your devices is one of the single most important investments you can make in your security.

And DataMask is far more than just a password manager. DataMask lets you store and use all kinds of login credentials, along with payment information, private documents, software licenses, and much more. You'll also get access to alerts if any of your logins are involved in a data breach, as well as ways to securely share and collaborate with others – even if they don't use DataMask.

And don't forget. You'll be paid for use DataMask!

Yes, yes and... yes! Nothing more to declare.


Your privacy is just a step away.
Download, activate, and start earning by safely surfing the web.

Join over 250.000 worldwide fellows

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